Dear People!


This is the first entry in this blog. First of all I apologize if there are too many mistakes. The reason is simple: I have not used my English skills for a while and hope to improve them soon.

For the content of this blog is reserved for any kind of literature I read You will get insights and critics on novels of sci-fi and Fantasy, but also on biographic and cultural stories, because I work as an editor (private and) at Renata Rollfinke Verlag.


Another important branch I will deal with here is the stuff I am reading for my dissertation Project. You will get information on all kinds of social scientific/anthropological literature on disaster, disaster management, actors in disaster and Australia.


This scientific background of mine usually results in an interpretation of literature, that is different and has additional focuses than usual.


I hope this will be an interesting perspective for you all. So Enjoy reading, enjoy this blog – though it will only be a monthly issue.


Have fun!