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Being a nifty cultural anthropologist and political scientist, but also author (unpublished so far) and adventurer I invite everybody to my reality and my reading realms. Have fun and enjoy!

November 2013
url: FREE course for authors and beginners "The future of storytelling"
text: The MAN-ual
A relationship guide for MEN only! The author frequently gives advice via Facebook and supports us all with his wisdom, wits ...
October 2013
text: FREE course for authors and beginners "The future of storytelling"
Hello! I found this splendid extraordinary opportunity and want to share it. A university level course - FREE - about storyte...
October 2013
reviewed: Russische Rhapsodie (Deutsch und Russisch) - Vadim Palmov
Mit unterhaltsamer Leichtigkeit liest sich die „Russische Rhapsodie“ bestehend aus den Novellen „Jahreszeiten“ und „Schicksal...
July 2013
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July 2013
reblogged: A request from a reader to self-published authors
from The Butler Did It
This is the text from "the butler did it" and I reblog it because it is a noteworthy tru comment addressing self/direct publi...
The rise of self-published books has changed the reader’s world. We all know that. It’s well documented and discussed. I pro...
July 2013
from Kimberley's Book Nook
text: Places
Dear people! Instead of a new review I want to ask you something about PLACES. What is the best or worst place for you to rea...
June 2013
reviewed: Red Axe, Black Sun - first taster
Hello! I just came across this new novel called "Red Axe, Black Sun" and have to talk about it. It is really stylish and with...
What do you look for in a book cover?Last November I tried my hand at making covers for fellow NaNoWriMo participants’ novels...
Amazon Goodreads Smashwords I don’t think there is a reader who hasn’t thought at least once of writing hi...