Dear people!

Instead of a new review I want to ask you something about PLACES.

What is the best or worst place for you to read or write?


Personally I developed over time. For decades I was fine reading in bed or in a comfortable chair at home. And I kept working on my desk at home. I was perfectly fine and effective.

Now, for about 18 month I cannot do ANYTHING at home anymore. I cannot focus. I can hardly read and that is horrible, because I need to read loads of Informations every day for my dissertation project, my work at the Publishers Ltd. and so on!

And even worse: I cannot really focus to organize the knowledge I get, so it is all messed up. Like it would jumble and circle around, fly in the air like Mary Poppins.

Now tell me how can I write down my conclusions if I cannot even organize myself?


I found only one solution: GET OUT!!!


And I do. I get out as often as possible, leaving home (including parents and my lovely dog) and go somewhere else. It is not only about meeting other people, though this is a factor. It is about being at some PLACE where I feel comfortable and centered.


Now the question is where is this place and what criterie must be met that the place matches my needs?


I find myself again and again at a certain Starbucks coffee shop! It is loud, noisy, lots of people running around, all chaos.

But though all is opposite to the places I used to learn/work for decades, here I can find peace, focus and centre my thoughts.

Isn't it ridiculous that my best place to be calm and focused is the most noisy and busy place around???


What is your best/worst place?

How is the place?

I ask you.


Relation to books: well, who can enjoy a book if the atmosphere is simply wrong? It changes our perception of the world and our emotions. So maybe you re-read a book that you felt only average again in a different place and find it excellent.

Give it a tray.


Have fun and enjoy!