Red Axe, Black Sun - first taster


I just came across this new novel called "Red Axe, Black Sun" and have to talk about it. It is really stylish and with incredible wonderful vocabulary. The descriptions are very vital and soak you into the scene. It is maybe a bit too much for the first chapter, but considering that it is the introduction of the main characters...

Anyway, I like it so far. It is not finished, but I read the first chapter on and I am jumping around for curiosity how it will continue.


Here the description as the autor put it:

Coming out end of 2013, this is an epic fantasy novel in an apocalyptic norse fantasy world, fast-paced, gripping and realistic in a new way. Freedom, love and fighting!


Synopsis: "Axe-fighter Dryston of Decia helps his ex-lover and sorceress Kyra Celeste in rescueing a girl with a death-list tattoo. Getting poisoned during the action, he has to track down a gangland-boss whose name is on the list to claim the antidote. But with time running out, Dryston and Kyra are drawn into a bloody campaign by King Tancred who is driven by a long-feared event, that is more severe than his own downfall."

A thrilling story taking you into a dark and simplistic world. A tale of unhappy love, where characters get broken and have to learn to get up again, a fight for survival and a choice to trade one soul against another. Bravery and corruption in a war that is not against evil. This is where all bets are off and heroes begin to suffer and die. Their sacrifices will decide whose axes will turn red and if the day of the black sun will come.


I recommend taking a look.